Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oracle Application server

What is an Application Server?

Think of an application server as a traffic officer for all your enterprise data.
Application servers are the middle ground—the middle tier—between your database
and your software applications, handling all application operations between users and
your organization’s business applications and databases. So an application server is a
central location for developing and deploying business applications—without it, the
software that runs your business lives in isolated silos, making maintenance more
costly, upgrades more complex, and performance much slower.

Key Benefits· Simplify your infrastructure and reduce integration costs by connecting older
and newer applications easily without extensive coding.

Improve reliability and availability of applications while reducing the cost of deployment.
· Reconcile data from multiple systems.
· Scale out your applications to more users without compromising system
· Reduce costs of systems maintenance and administration.

Requirements Checklist

If your business meets most of these criteria, it’s time to consider a move to an
application server:
· You’re adding more applications and other systems that need to share
· Your IT portfolio is growing, and you need to manage and administer a number
of different applications with limited resources.
· Scalability, reliability, and security are becoming more important as your
business grows.
· You need easier access to basic metrics and corporate-wide information about


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